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Is there an extra cost for using AWS Config-Aggregator?

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There is no extra separate cost associated for using Config Aggregator.

Config cost only depends upon 3 vectors - the number of configuration items recorded, the number of active AWS Config rule evaluations, and the number of conformance pack evaluations in your account.

Aggregator is just a way to aggregate your findings for the consolidated viewing purpose.

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answered 5 months ago

AWS Config-Aggregator does indeed have associated costs, which are part of the broader AWS Config service pricing. The charges for using AWS Config, including the Config-Aggregator, are based on several factors:

Configuration Items Recorded: You are charged for each configuration item recorded in your AWS account. A configuration item is a record of the configuration state of a resource in your AWS account.

AWS Config Rule Evaluations: Costs are incurred for the number of active AWS Config rule evaluations. An AWS Config rule evaluation is a compliance state evaluation of a resource by an AWS Config rule in your account.

For more specific details and examples of pricing, you can visit:

answered 6 months ago
  • So, does that mean there is no "Extra" cost for Aggregator? I understand the AWS config costs as mentioned here -, but, question is, if I add a Config-Aggregator or not, does my bill change in any way?

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