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To set up a system with the frontend and backend hosted on AWS while the database is located on a private on-premise server in South Africa.

I require an architecture schematic that minimizes costs.

Database on On-Premise Server in South Africa: AWS VPN or if any best way? And how to get the connectivity...?

I've just drawn an example of an architecture diagram for my concept. Please advise me on the best architect and method to use.

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AWS Direct Connect ( is what AWS customers usually use to have a direct, reliable, fast and secure connection to AWS cloud.

If you go VPN via Internet, you have to take extreme care of your connectivity: redundant internet access, route length to AWS network entry, etc..

I would strongly advise you to reach your AWS account team to get the best solution in terms of price and performance: they will know well teh AWS network setup in South Africa and provide relevant guidance.



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I work for a startup, however I have a problem because I am the sole AWS cloud engineer; I can't do that for other teams. The optimum method at the lowest possible cost is required.!

Because, I don't business support plan to ask AWS account team.

Please suggest the best approach and the most economical price.

answered 2 months ago

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