I have to wait for 5 to 10 seconds for the browser to update the view of the website after I finish uploading it to the Lightsail instance.


I create an instance from Lightsail. 2 GB RAM, 1 vCPU. Usually, if it's a server from other providers (Godaddy, Liquidweb...), whenever I upload a file. I can refresh the browser and see the update instantly. But for the Lightsail instance, I will have to wait for a couple of seconds to see the update. Not sure if I do the config wrong or because Lightsail requires those delays for checking something.

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The Lightsail instance is a virtual machine and the software running on it is under the control of the customer. You don't say what web server software you're running nor what content management system you're using but perhaps it takes a few seconds after uploading for that software to process and then make it ready for the browser to access?

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  • Sorry, I have installed LAMP (PHP 7) and used CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, and jQuery to build a basic website. The code is not anything out of the ordinary, and when I copy it to other servers, it runs instantly except for the server that I created on Amazon Lightsail. I have a client who is also using Lightsail, and I faced the same issue while working on their instance. Whenever I use VSCode to access their WordPress site and modify the custom code part, it takes a couple of seconds for the browser to reflect the changes after uploading. Neither my server nor my client's server use the Load Balancing feature.

  • In that case, I would troubleshoot on the instance to see why it takes time between uploading the content and it being available - there are no other AWS services involved.

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