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I have moved my domains from one account to another but now my domains and subdomains are not reachable in my new hosted zones.

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the domains are and

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Hi Rschumann

Assuming you only transferred your domain from one account to another while keeping the hosted zones in the original account, according to AWS the routing should not be affected.

If you're using Route 53 as the DNS service for the domain, Route 53 doesn't transfer the hosted zone when you transfer a domain to a different AWS account. If domain registration is associated with one account and the corresponding hosted zone is associated with another account, neither domain registration nor DNS functionality is affected. The only effect is that you'll need to sign into the Route 53 console using one account to see the domain, and sign in using the other account to see the hosted zone.

However, if you transferred both your domain and created new hosted zones or transferred the hosted zone could you check the following?

  • All the entries in the hosted zone are correct
  • DNS resolvers in the domain updated to the new hosted zone

Domain Transfer -> Hosted Zone Transfer ->

Hope this helps

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answered 10 months ago

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