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Hi, I am new to Amazon services. I am a mobile developer, and we want to use Amazon's basic services for saving data in a database. When we need the data, we'll make a GET request to fetch it on the mobile app. I have successfully created an API and connected it, but I now want to use Lambda functionality to save data in the database.

A - My question is, how can I implement authentication for the database when the mobile app requests to insert data? B - Also, how can I view the data in a structured manner, like a table in the database?

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Database credentials are often managed in the Systems Manager parameter store or in the Secrets Manager.
This allows for secure management of authentication information.
From the application, code to retrieve database credentials from the Secrets Manager using the AWS SDK.

I think you would need to implement it in your application to display the table as if it were a database.
For example, javascript can use the mysql module to retrieve data from a database.

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