AWS / Lightsail Wordpress site ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED despite valid SSL certificate


My WordPress site hosted on AWS Lightsail becomes unreachable daily (MxToolBox alerts set up that tell me this happens at least 3 times per day) sometimes for over 24 hours, until I reboot the instance. The error "ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED" appears in Chrome. II have a valid Let's Encrypt SSL certificate and manually update within time, but the downtime persists. What could be causing this unreliability?

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Have you checked the web server error log or access log?
If there is a problem with the certificate when accessing the website, I think something will be recorded in the web server log.
This should be checked and troubleshooted.

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answered 5 months ago


Looking at some instance metrics for your server may help troubleshoot the issue.

High CPU utilization could indicate that you may need to fix some performance issues with your website or upgrade your instance.

answered 5 months ago

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