INTERNAL_ERROR_QUERY_ENGINE after upgrade Athen engine to version 3


I received INTERNAL_ERROR_QUERY_ENGINE error with existing query after upgrade athena engine to version 3.

The same query works fine with version 2.

The data size scan is 40.37 MB for the query below, and I have 5 TB limit per query.


The weird part is that

  • If I add LIMIT in the query, it works without any error.
  • If I use same select with different table then also works (why only this table?)

I couldn't find any log that explain the reasons why that is the case. Is it possible to get detail log?

Any thought? Thanks

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I understand that query running on Athena engine V3 errors out however with V2 it is successful. Also similar query works on a different table or same table with limited data.

In order to further troubleshoot the issue, please create a support ticket here with query IDs run on Athena Engine V2 and V3.

answered a year ago

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