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Hi all,

Currently the SQL server is hosted in Windows server 2019 VM. I want to export the DB level backups to s3. But it looks like it's only supported in 2022. Anybody knows if there is way we can install specific packages/plugin to support the below in Windows server 2019 VM rather than upgrading to a Windows server 2022?


If not what are the other alternatives to migrate the backups to s3 with auditing capability.

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Note, the Backup to URL feature to an S3-compatible object storage is only supported in SQL Server 2022, prior versions are not supported.

  1. You can consider some alternatives instead of the Backup Url Feature.
  • You can use the Powershell script to create backup and copy the backup to s3
  • or You can use system manager
  1. Another alternative AWS DMS: Auditing: DMS includes some auditing, but it primarily focuses on the migration process itself (data changes, errors). It depends on the depth of auditing you require. If you need detailed auditing of backup access, modification, retention, and finer-grained activity tracking tailored specifically for backups, a dedicated backup tool or the custom auditing solution on S3 might be better.

  2. use third party tools such as Cloudberry or veem many more

4.Upgrading to 2022 or newer could definitely be a viable option for your SQL Server backup scenario. https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/mt/upgrading-sql-server-using-ec2-systems-manager/

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  • You could migrate to RDS also and then you can backup to S3 even at 2019

  • gary, Thanks for adding the missing piece, It would be always good option to use RDS managed instead of the managing the Ec2 stuff with SQL

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