What are the steps to setting up a VPC endpoint for a private api in account B that is being called in account a through an http vpc link for a http api


I am setting up a VPC endpoint to allow communication between my two AWS Accounts. Account A is using an http api with cloud map to call the private api in account b. I need to setup a VPC endpoint in account b to allow this. I need to specify service, VPC, subnets, and security groups. What do I need to make sure I configure in this VPC endpoint creation to make this communication between accounts possible?

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I understand that your you want to create a cross-account setup in which you have HTTP API, CloudMap in account A and Private REST API in account B. You want to access Private REST API in account B from HTTP API via CloudMap in account A.

Please note that you can access your private APIs through interface VPC endpoints for API Gateway, so the service name should be execute-api. As mentioned in the above re:Post question you can access the Private API from cross-account using this format https://{rest-api-id}-{vpce-id}.execute-api.{region}.amazonaws.com/{stage}

For additional recommendations and insights related to cross-account setups, I recommend referring to the following articles:

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