How to use CloudFormation CLI to create a stack with CloudFormation Git sync?


With the new AWS CloudFormation Git sync feature, I am trying to setup the GitOps flow for my AWS CDK projects on Gitlab.

In all demos I can find, the initial CloudFormation stack with sync settings was created manually from the AWS console, but I am trying to integrate it into Gitlab pipeline, so I want to create the stack via CloudFormation or CDK CLI.

It seems I have to use CodeStar CLI:

But I noticed this notification: "On July 31, 2024, AWS will discontinue support for AWS CodeStar projects, including creating and viewing projects." So, we cannot use CodeStar after 5 months, which is not too long.

May I know the best way to create the initial CloudFormation stack via code/CLI?

Thanks Feng

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Hiya friend!

Yea, so to answer your questions you can use CSC to create your sync configuration - of course, you can provision that configuration in CloudFormation as well :D

CodeStarConnections is v different from CodeStar - and we're in the process of making that clearer with API namespaces that better fit :)

Anyway, hope you enjoy git sync!!!

answered a month ago
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reviewed a month ago

Important piece is you can continue using codestar connections to sync with github etc.

AWS CodeStar Connections will not be impacted by this discontinuation.

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answered a month ago
  • Thanks. Didn't notice this.


This can help you auth.

After that Synth and deploy.

aws cloudformation create-stack --stack-name YourStackName --template-body file://your-template.yaml --parameters ParameterKey=Key,ParameterValue=Value --capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM
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answered 2 months ago
  • Git sync configuration items are not CloudFormation parameters, so this won't work

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