the public git repository for the kernel-- amazon linux 2



Currently, the used kernel by AWS is amazon linux 2. I want to the commit log history for this kernel. And I found the repo: I want to confirm if this repo is for the amazon linux 2 kernel.


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Hi, is the correct branch for development of kernel 4.14 on Amazon Linux 2.

A clear and quick way to view the change log using RPM package manager.

rpm -q --changelog kernel

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answered 2 years ago
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Hello, the difference between the two URLs you asked about is that one is the master tree for the Amazon Linux kernel, while the other is a branch for the ENA driver. ENA stands for Elastic Network Adapter. You can read more about the ENA at the link referenced below[1].


answered 2 years ago
  • Got it. Thanks. Also, I am interested in the method how amazon linux 2 propagate patches from linux mainline. So I have more questions: 1) after observing the git commit history in the git repo of amazon linux 2, I realize that amazon linux 2 usually rebase to the latest linux LTS branches(the rebase usually happens six days after a minior version(such as, 5.10.133) is released); 2) but after rebasing, there are usually about 200 commits added on the top of the base, what is the source of these commits? I guess that there are two sources: 1) amazon's own commits which adapts to the cloud environment 2) pick some necessary patches from linux mainline. is my understanding correct? if yes, what drives amazon linux 2 propagate patches from linux mainline? is there any related documents? Can you give me some guidance on this? Thanks!

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