Live Stream to Twitch rtmp


I am getting an error when I try to stream with a Twitch rtmp output url. I see twitch as a template, so I assume this is possible. I am getting the error:

"RTMP mediaID [1] RTMP connect to stream error, retry 1 \[rtmp://]"


  • Single Pipeline
  • MP4 input from S3 input file
  • rtmp push output to the above url (I can stream to that url using ffmpeg)

PS Same issue with Mixer rtmp url

asked 5 years ago940 views
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Accepted Answer

Hi StevoBurrito,
For the output are you adding your stream key in the output? it belongs in the "stream name" field if you're using the console to configure the RTMP output group.


answered 5 years ago

That was the issue, thanks for the quick response!

answered 5 years ago

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