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Hello. I have created Siemens LOGO! web page in AWS according Siemens instructions. There is only one web page created with tree analogue temperature values. My expectation was to test the temperatures on my smartphone when I am not at home. I planed to try free tier first for testing my software. The web page really can be opened on my phone. But now I get email warnings about free tier data transfer usage limit even if my LOGO! is diconnected from Internet and no data could be transferred. Similar problem is also with AmazonEC2 time 750 Hours free limit for April. The warning says 648 Hours spent already even if on April 10th even if 10 days means only 240 Hours. These free tier values are decreasing even if my LOGO! is disconnected from Internet. Please could the limits remain the same if my LOGO! cannot be accesssed and also my web page is not opened probably on any computer?

I am not sure why my Free tier limits decrease if LOGO! PLC is disconnected from Internet and no data transfer (or communication) is possible.

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It's a bit hard to give you an good answer on this. But to me it sounds like you have three EC2 instances running. The instances would keep running even if you disconnect your LOGO PLC. You should stop any running EC2 instances to ensure they don't consume from your monthly free tier.

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