Workflow Needed to store audio of live stream video in MediaLive to S3 Bucket


So i had set the pipeline to livestream video on Medialive and have created Endpoint on AWS Elemental MediaPackage but i want to store the audio of live stream video to S3 Bucket but I don't know how to configure the settings for the same.Any Help in this would be appreciated!

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In MediaLive, if you need to add a new Archive output group. This will automatically archive your live stream to an S3 bucket. It will archive the raw transport stream.

answered 8 months ago
  • Hello,Thanks for answering,I tried this and on ending the stream a .ts file gets saved in S3 bucket showing 326B size but when I download it its empty. Also in the Medialive it shows an alert saying : OutputDataS3: PUT failed [s3://audio-fm11/audio/_1.000000.ts] size [20971776]. Response=[400] Message[The specified header is not valid in this context] Headers[x-amz-request-id: H97EWS60SE2ZWSN3 x-amz-id-2: pM5ilRS4JNcgZgGQ7pqTn2HtXOyoZbVlXyScQobzczQLxf7 Edit 1:Okay the issue is resolved I had to add bucket policy and CORS and had to create an IAM role and now I am getting the output as a .ts file in S3 but now I wonder how the saving of live stream can be done in real-time while the stream is live?

  • Hi, @rePost-User-9252307 I had a issue when i archieved an output to S3 bucket when the stream gets over it gets saved as .ts file the whole stream video. Now the problem for me is when i start streaming with same hls link and medialive streaming url and key and stop the stream the the file in s3 gets overwritten i want to save the 2nd stream file as another .ts file but dont know how Please Help!

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