CORS issue - even for * Access-Control-Allow-Origin, Access-Control-Expose-Headers


We are facing cors error for each api we create. We are trying to access api from http://localhost:4201. is there any option to set the cors at global level. It is difficult to allow the origin url in each and every api

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Can you confirm manually (e.g. via curl) that the CORS headers are present? Are you using a Lambda behind an API Gateway by any chance?

answered 3 months ago

Hi, Unfortunately API Gateway doesnot have any global mechanism to enable CORS on all API for the region. You would need to enable it on each API endpoint. Also, since the CORS header values will be of different for different applications, it may be of no use to create a global parameter.

Additionally, if the use-case is to specifically allow certain values on all the API's that you create,

  • You could create a base template with required CORS values set and then export the API
  • Use the exported API as template when you create new APIs so that you don't have to configure the same CORS values again
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answered 2 months ago
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