Migrate SQL Server 2008/2012 to AWS


Hello, I have some 2008 and 2012 MS SQL Servers running on windows server in my on-premises. I want to migrate those to AWS. Looking for suggestions on what's the right migration path.

  1. Should I first make an in-place upgrade of those SQL servers on-premise, then move to RDS?
  2. Should I migrate those as-is using back and restore to EC2, then use AWS SSM playbook to upgrade to 2019?
  3. Is there an option using AWS DMS or backup and restore to directly upgrade to 2019 on RDS?

I'm ok to move those servers to either license included EC2 or to RDS with MS SQL.

Thank you.

1 Answer

I'm assuming you want to upgrade to put them on a "supported" platform (You can lift and shift these servers to EC2 using AWS Application Migration Servers with minimal effort)
I would first use the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) to assess the upgrade path between your current version of SQL and RDS. This will report on any important compatibility issues. Depending on the results you can use DMS (yes it is possible to have different version source and targets) or backup and restore to go directly to RDS. IMO going directly to RDS you will be able to quickly test the upgrade without setting up and configuring EC2

answered 2 years ago

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