instance types that with GUP and support io2 volume multi-attach


I have a io2 encrypted ebs volume and set Multi-Attach enabled. I have a it attached to a t3.small ubuntu instance now I want to attach it to a p2.xlarge instance, but got error says p2.xlarge do not support multi-attach.

Question: where I can I find document about which instance (with GPUs,) support multi-attach? Especially any of this might support ebs volume multi-attach?

  1. g3s.xlarge
  2. g4dn.2xlarge
  3. g5g.4xlarge
  4. g5.4xlarge
  5. p2.xlarge (try to attach it, failed, not supported)
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The limitations of EBS multi-attachment are described in the following document.

It is stated in the constraints that the use of Nitro-based instances is required.

Multi-Attach enabled volumes can be attached to up to 16 Linux instances built on the Nitro System that are in the same Availability Zone. You can attach a volume that is Multi-Attach enabled to Windows instances, but the operating system does not recognize the data on the volume that is shared between the instances, which can result in data inconsistency.

The documentation here shows that the p2 instance type is not compatible with Nitro System.
With the instance types you mentioned, I believe G4dn, G5, and G5g are available.

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