AWS Glue pyspark, AWS OpenSearch and 429 Too Many Requests


Hi forum,

I'm on AWS and trying to write ~ 1.2mio documents from an AWS Glue 2.0 job Python / pyspark job to an OpenSearch 1.2 ""/SSD cluster.

The issue I'm facing is that after a while I'm facing "429 Too Many Requests": [PUT] on [MY/doc/_bulk] failed; server[https://SOME_ENDPOINT_HERE] returned [429|Too Many Requests:]

From what I understand and read so far this is pretty much about configuration, throttling down indexing requests on the client side giving the server more time to process queued requests. And that's what I tried but somehow the config on the Hadoop connector does not work for me.

Already tried to send smaller batches of documents to the ElasticSearch and increased retry wait time: set 'es.batch.size.entries' to 100 and 'es.batch.write.retry.wait' to 30s:

df \
    .write \
    .mode('overwrite') \
    .format('org.elasticsearch.spark.sql') \
    .option('es.nodes', 'SOME_ENDPOINT_HERE') \
    .option('es.port', 443) \
    .option('', 'true') \
    .option('', 'SOME_USER_NAME_HERE') \
    .option('', 'SOME_PASS_HERE') \
    .option('es.nodes.wan.only', 'true') \
    .option('es.nodes.discovery', 'false') \
    .option('es.resource', 'SOME_NAME_HERE') \
    .option('', 'true') \
    .option('', 'SOME_FIELD_HERE') \
    .option('es.write.operation', 'index') \
    .option('es.batch.size.entries', '100') \
    .option('es.batch.write.retry.policy', 'simple') \
    .option('es.batch.write.retry.count', '-1') \
    .option('es.batch.write.retry.limit', '-1') \
    .option('es.batch.write.retry.wait', '30s') \

Already set logging for '' logger to DEBUG level:

Bulk Flush #[12653715211658247214404]: Sending batch of [34000] bytes/[1000] entries
Bulk Flush #[12653715211658247214404]: Response received
Bulk Flush #[12653715211658247214404]: Completed. [1000] Original Entries. [1] Attempts. [1000/1000] Docs Sent. [0/1000] Docs Skipped. [0/1000] Docs Aborted.

From what I understand the Hadoop-Connector is sending batches of 1000 documents, not the 100 from my config. Further I can not see any wait time.

My actual setup on AWS is:

Spark: 2.4.3 Python: 3.7 OpenSearch: 1.2 Elasticsearch Hadoop: 7.13.4 (elasticsearch-spark-20_2.11-7.13.4.jar)

Any hints or ideas on my setup?

Many Thanks, Matthias

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i'd rather increase the batch size to reduce the overall number of requests to Opensearch. You also may want to increase refresh timeout. On the other point, t3.small cluster is really small so you might need to use different type of instances

answered 2 years ago
  • Hi, thanks for your quick reply @Alex_T.

    Updated to t3.small cluster and the indexing of the 1.2 million records was immediately successful with AWS Glue in 7 minutes. :) So was a useful hint with upscaling cluster instances.

    For those who are interested: I also asked the fine people at Elastic about this:

    The guys over there mentioned that the option "es.batch.size.entries" is not respected under any circumstances. For my use case for example I enabled PySpark's overwrite mode in AWS Glue:


    Before new documents are indexed the index is first emptied here. Turns out there is no config option in the elastic-hadoop module for that initial delete, so I always saw "1000 records" in my logs. Maybe this will help someone later.

    Thanks again.

    Best, Matthias

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