Unable to retrieve WordPress admin password after uploading files


I have created a WordPress instance and could access WordPress admin dashboard by retrieving password by connecting to SSH and entering cat bitnami_application_password command.

Since I intended to migrate an existing website to the newly created WordPress instance by using UPDraft Plus plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/updraftplus/), I uploaded the files through the plugin.

The database was updated.

Since then, unable to access WordPress admin dashboard.

Forgot password not of help ( as getting Page not found message.

Help appreciated on how to access password. I understand I need to login to connected MySql database of the instance but not sure how to proceed.

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Edited functions.php file under wp-content/themes/activated theme folder adding new password which did work. https://postsplendid.com/aws-and-lightsail-wordpress-instance-connecting-with-ssh-putty-and-filezilla-for-remote-wordpress-files-access/

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answered 3 years ago

Thank you for using Lightsail and posting a response that worked for you.

For anyone else looking at this post in the future, please note that the password in the filesystem is the default password set at install time. If you import the database (or use a plugin to restore from another site) you will likely need to use the password used on that other site.


answered 3 years ago

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