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1)How to get the viewer count ? 2)Is there any feature available in this library Amazon IVS React Native Broadcast to fetch the viewer's count? 3)Is there any API to retrieve the viewer count of a particular stream? 4)How to store and retrieve the live streaming video asset?

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Thanks for your question.

Amazon IVS status can be monitored through Amazon CloudWatch. Check here for info for monitoring IVS channels, specifically the ConcurrentViews metrics.

Also, here is a link to the the API details for IVS.

You can record streams to S3 by selecting the Record and Store Streams when creating or modifying the channel. There you can choose to store all streams or only specific renditions.

The IVS React Native Broadcast seems to be a wrapper for the IVS Broadcast SDK, which is used for streaming into IVS. It would not have details of viewership.

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