How to get all accounts in an Organization verified?


How can we get all accounts in an organization verified rather than going into each one and manually requesting it.

Background: I'm helping a client adopt a multi-account structure. The management account, Control Tower, and all OUs and member accounts have been created. But we keep running into issues with account verification. For example, trying to create a CloudFront distribution, where we get an error that the account needs to be verified. I've tried requesting from the management account's support, which has business support, to verify all the accounts, but support marks ticket as resolved without saying anything and without it being resolved. I've tried going into each of the urgent accounts and requesting them. But there are many, such as sandbox accounts, and I would like to avoid going into about 50 accounts and requesting it. The whole experience with support has been very frustrating.

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This actions can be implemented via AWS SDK or AWS CLI.

The following blog shows you the overall process that an account goes through in AWS Organization, at then end there's a cloudformation template you could use for automating the process you're requesting:

answered a year ago
  • Sorry, that doesn't help at all. All these accounts were created by Account Factory as described. But that has nothing to do with verification of the accounts. All accounts create through Account Factory are not being verified even though the management account is verified. How do avoid having to request for each new account that it be verified?

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