Regional data transfer charges when updating Ubuntu packages


Regional data transfer charges are appearing on my bill, and the only significant amount of data I have transferred relates to updating my Ubuntu packages with "apt upgrade".

The repository autoconfigured within my Ubuntu image is:

  1. Would updating my image from this source count as inbound regional data transfer and incur associated charges?

  2. If yes, would updating from instead avoid regional data transfer charges?

Thank you.

2 Answers

@triatic Did you get anywhere with this? I'm seeing triple my normal monthly AWS Data Transfer charges, and I also update my servers from time to time, but have never seen it spike so much in the past.

answered a month ago
  • I confirmed the regional data transfer charges by launching an Ubuntu instance in a region I don't normally use, then doing apt update/upgrade. The regional data transfer charges appeared a day later, exactly the amount of data used for the package update.


Sorry to hear of any confusion,

I recommend reaching out to our Billing & Accounts team by creating a case in your Support Center.

They have the best tools and visibility to help prevent extra charges.

— Randi S.

answered 2 months ago

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