Best practices for S3 File Storage Gateway for storing the backups


IHAP that would like to use S3 File Storage Gateway for storing the backups, and map S3 bucket as the local share. Is there any best practices around this? Main objective is to protect the traffic, and securely map this to the on-premises/local computer as local share.

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Hi there,

Refer to the following blog with detailed instructions. We recommend to use end points over Direct Connect to address any latency. You will see detailed reference architectures below. Let me know if you have any follow up questions.

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Some of the best practices are:

  • Make sure you deploy your storage gateway closer to your client systems on which you will mounting the file share
  • Have enough network bandwidth between your storage gateway and AWS Endpoints for both data & control plane communication
  • If you have direct connect we highly recommend to use VPC endpoints for Storage Gateway & S3 (for S3 file type gateways) or have virtual public interface created on your direct connect. Refer the link:
  • If you are creating SMB file shares and for AD user authentication, make sure storage gateway is joined into Domain using Active Directory servers which are closer to Storage Gateway
  • Allocate root & cache disks from high performance datastore disks for optimum performance
  • Before deploying, ensure that network & firewall port requirements are in place. Please see here:
  • We do not recommend having multiple sources of data write to S3 bucket prefix where the file share is configured and storage gateway uploading the data
  • For all other best practices, refer here:
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