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Hello there,

I am following the IIoT Security Workshop [1] but I got the following error trying to deploy the CloudFormation stack:


As suggested in the docs, I used 'us-east-1' region for launching. The 'Troubleshooting' section in the documentation doesn't mention something regarding this error and wondering if someone faced the same issue before.

Would appreciate any help.


[1] https://catalog.us-east-1.prod.workshops.aws/workshops/5b543f4c-1952-4bd9-96c8-b009c16da2bc/en-US

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Hi cvasilak. Thanks for reporting this issue. It appears that the nested Ignition stack is trying to launch an AMI that has been recently deprecated. I'll post a comment here when it's fixed or when more is known. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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answered 2 years ago
  • The workshop owners have fixed it immediately. Please retry and let us know how you go.

  • Hello @Greg_B, works great now 👍 thank you for the prompt reply.

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