Streaming multiple independent streams through a single channel?


I would like to provide our users a way to stream their sport events to the rest of their team using our app (available Live and available as VOD). At any time, there will be between zero and 100+ users streaming their events. Can this be accomplished using a single channel, or would a new channel need to be created for each user that wants to stream, with the channel being destroyed afterwards?

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Hi scott_tl,

You'll need as many MediaLive channels as you expect to have concurrent content creators. In other words, if you have 1000 users producing livestreams, but only 50 are active at any given time, you would need 50 channels. The channels can be started and stopped as needed. Once the event is completed, you can use the VOD harvesting capability in MediaPackage to convert the livestream into a VOD asset for later replay.

You have a choice as to whether you want to create and destroy the channels as needed, or keep the channels in IDLE state between uses and re-use the same ones over and over. Creating and destroying does have the advantage of slightly lower cost due to avoiding MediaLive idle charges, at the expense of slightly higher complexity for operation. It also makes it easier to change the input endpoint for each end user, reducing the risk of multiple users trying to send to the same input endpoint at once.

Regards, Steve

answered 2 years ago
  • @Steve_W, Thanks for the response. Is there a a different approach I could take to this problem, using other AWS products? Or is creating MediaLive channels a common solution for this use case?

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