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Writing Data to a Non RDS external DB endpoint


Hi, This is quite likely a pretty lame question but I have searched everywhere and cannot find any clear answer. Imagine this scenario....

I have access and credentials to a particular database endpoint sitting on a server outside of the AWS ecosystem. Not an RDS managed DB. I somehow create some data within the AWS ecosystem (for example.. say, from Textract....) and I want to write that data to my Database above. Is that possible? If so, which service in AWS is best to accomplish this? I have searched high and low and can only find info on writing to an RDS database.

Would appreciate any help here. TIA.

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Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for your reply and answer. At least I know know that it is doable.

Are there any registers of Devs etc who I might be able contact to contract out to for some work like this that you can point me to please?


answered 2 months ago
  • Hello,

    We have many partners who can help you implement this. You can find our partner directory here: . If this is just a one time, smaller implementation, you may want to search public freelancer boards for a developer to assist with your project.



You have many options. You could run your application on Lightsail, EC2, ECS, Lambda, etc. All of these services allow you to run a script or use the AWS CLI against an AWS service and connect to your external database to load the data. It's highly dependent on what your goal is exactly.

An example would be to use a Lambda function to call out to a service such as Textract, get the data, and connect to your external database to insert the data.

The biggest caveats to sending and receiving data to an external database outside of AWS are latency and data transfer cost. The latency may be very high which will cause your scripts to take longer to run. You will also incur data transfer costs for sending data externally instead of within an AWS region.

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answered 2 months ago

you can write to external DB endpoints as long as the source and target engine types are supported.

answered 2 months ago

That all "sounds" great but trying to find someone to hire to actually do it as a paid engagement for me has taken over two weeks now and still cannot find anyone. Have tried Freelancer, Upwork, Linked In. Even contacted some people with very helpful Youtube videos.... No go... The only really interested guy was someone who wanted to write a .Net app on my server... Nope! Not gunna go there. ;-)

Seems like everyone is so busy to be interested in a small paid side job. I expected there would be heaps of people all over this amazing tech and be offering their services.... but oddly... that is just not the case.

Anyway... will keep looking.

Thanx for your replies.

answered 2 months ago

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