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Every time I attempt to trigger a manual snapshot, I encounter an 'in-progress' error message stating "cannot snapshot while a snapshot deletion is in-progress." This issue has been ongoing for about a day now, despite there being no existing snapshots within the OpenSearch cluster. From the solutions I've researched so far, it seems that restarting OpenSearch could potentially resolve this issue. However, given that OpenSearch is managed by AWS in our current setup, I'm unsure about the correct procedure to restart the OpenSearch cluster.

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Hello, You might face issues while registering a snapshot, deleting an index or upgrade your OpenSearch Service cluster for the following reasons:

  • A snapshot is already in progress.
  • A snapshot in progress is stuck.
  • A snapshot in progress and a cluster in red status.
  • Snapshot timeout or failure.

As you might know for domains running OpenSearch or Elasticsearch 5.3 and later, OpenSearch Service takes hourly automated snapshots and retains up to 336 of them for 14 days.

Hence, looking at the error you received i.e. "cannot snapshot while a snapshot deletion is in-progress", it is suspected that your snapshot is stuck, and you can check your history of hourly snapshots. Please refer to the articles given below which better explain the scenario :



If you find a snapshot is stuck in deletion or is in progress then I would request you to open a support case with AWS Support for the concerned domain for further resolution of the issue. Kindly refrain from sharing any sensitive information on this post itself.

Kindly note that customers do not have the permission to restart/reboot AWS Managed OpenSearch clusters.

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