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Short backstory: I own a very small business that just started up. I live stream sporting events to our website, mostly powered by AWS. One challenge we've had is editing our very long and very large video files down for marketing purposes and other things. Currently I have one editor that works sporadically, as required. Storage has been an issue since we're not colocated. Previously we've synced my very large NAS to a consumer NAS for him to grab files but that quickly became unmanageable. More recently, I've looked into S3 storage for our video archive and providing access to that for the editor, but that's a story for another day.

Today, I ran across this post: and I find it interesting to say the least but looking at what gets spun up with this it leaves me with a few questions.

  • What components of this configuration are running 24/7 (IE being billed 24/7)
  • Does anyone have any experience with the cost of editing in the cloud like the above?

More to the point: we're very small and data moving is our biggest issue. We don't often have someone editing everyday. So I'm kind of at this place where I was thinking I could spin up and spin down an EC2 instance as needed, attach a NVMe drive and move source/completed videos off to S3 when complete, and then spin down the EC2 instance.

Again, curious if anyone has any experience doing something like this or if they'd have an advice/thoughts?

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Please see the published solution here: and the implementation guide: The cost of the solution is calculated here: To reduce cost, consider turning off your Windows EC2 instance when not in use.

answered 9 months ago

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