How to enforce Aurora continuous backups?


We're using AWS Backup to ensure that all of our RDS databases have both snapshot and continuous backups enabled. However, since AWS Backup does not support point-in-time recovery for Aurora, how can we ensure that continuous backups are enabled for all Aurora databases?

I saw that there is a Config rule, 'aurora-last-backup-recovery-point-created.' Does this rule apply to continuous backups? Would one option be to use this rule and to check that there is a recovery point at least every hour, for example? Or would a custom Config rule be needed?

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With Aurora, PITR is related to automated backups. In Aurora you can't disable automated backups because the minimum of the period of retention is 1 day.

Beside, you can check LatestRestorableTime parameter by describing the cluster with the AWS CLI

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answered a year ago

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