What is AWS Marketplace store fee for paid products?


I have been trying to find the details about how much fee AWS charges for purchases made through AWS Marketplace to ISVs. It was previously 20% and now according to CNBC, they have reduced the fee to 5%. But there is no official word on this. Microsoft and Google dropped the fee to 3% last year and it is well documented.

Can someone share a link of AWS docs that clarifies the matter?

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Hi, the most relevant information I can find is in the AWS Marketplace User Guide:

After AWS receives payment from the buyer, AWS disburses payment to you and the ISV. The ISV receives the wholesale cost minus the AWS Marketplace fee. You receive your markup minus the AWS Marketplace processing fee. All fees are percentages applied to the transaction amounts listed. If you're not sure of the fee percentages and need this information for quoting purposes, contact your AWS Marketplace channel account manager. If you don’t know who that is, send an email message to the AWS Marketplace channel team at aws-mp-channel@amazon.com, and someone on the team will respond to you within 24 hours.

Reading between the lines,it appears that they don't make the percentage cut public! Hopefully if you reach out to that email address they should able to help you directly :)

Thanks, Marrick.

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Hi Faysal, sellers registered on AWS Marketplace can find the general listing fee information in their Seller Terms & Conditions. Note that you would need to be signed in to view: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/management/seller-settings/terms

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