I'm interest in ec2 save plane 1 year



First of all, I'm not good in english. But i want to know about save plan 1 years, please suggest to me.

now i use ec2 pay as go but i want to save cost and i found about 1 year save plan please suggest me

  1. What plan to most save cost in 1 year
  2. How to change pay as go to saving plan 1 year
  3. Can i change from pay as go to save plan on my current running instant, i cant stop or new instant.

Thank you.

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Hi lexcellence,

Compute Savings Plans can offer you lower prices for a 1 or 3 year term.

There are two types of savings plans.

The first is Compute Savings Plans, which is generic to any type of EC2 instance usage regardless of instance family, size, AZ, Region, OS, or tenancy. This option gives you the most flexibility.

The second is EC2 Instance Savings Plans, where you would commit to usage of a specific instance family within a specific Region. This option comes with less flexibility than the Compute Savings Plan, but at a higher cost savings. There are different options that impact the amount of savings you can achieve, with options of No Upfront and Partial Upfront.

You can use the Calculator to determine what your savings potential is for the different types of plans for the type of instance and the Savings Plan type and payment option that works best for you.

To get started using a Savings Plan, you can go to the AWS Cost Explorer or use the API/CLI and make a commitment to a Savings Plan. Recommendations will be provided there based on historical usage, and you will need to evaluate your future usage that you anticipate and take that into account. Once you sign up for a Savings Plan, your compute usage will automatically be charged at the discounted price, and any usage beyond that will be charged at the On Demand rate. You do not need to terminate and launch any instances that you already have running. It will apply automatically to running instances or any new instances you launch.


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