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I am a developer seeking to enhance my skills in AWS. Are there any free resources available for developers to learn AWS? I'm particularly interested in online tutorials, documentation, and practical exercises.

If there are any free certification or accreditation programs offered by AWS, I would greatly appreciate information about those as well.

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There are many options, Here are couple of pointers that might help you :

  • You can start with AWS Skill Builder that has lots of free online resources: .
  • There are certifications for AWS but they are not free, you can get more information here :
  • There are many great whitepapers and reference architectures that help you know more about AWS services, best practices and concepts :
  • AWS has numerous video channels on youtube and twitch with lots of great content
  • As a developer, you can register to be part of AWS developer community , you can find lots of events, workshops, content that will help you as well as being in the community of AWS developers :
  • Based on the area of the world where you are living, you can register for AWS summits and/or other events for different levels/technologies. You can find AWS user community closest to you and register and get informed about the events :
  • : A site dedicated to serverless and event drivent architecture with examples, videos, etc.
  • AWS documentation : Each service has a getting started guide that can gives you step by step instruction for starting a service.
  • and many more !
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