Supported TLS versions for email receiving?

0 specifies the supported TLS versions when sending email.

Which TLS versions are supported when using SES for email receiving, by checking the Require TLS checkbox in a receipt rule?


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The link you gave talks about https if you are using any API to read emails received on SES. How are you checking incoming messages on AWS? if with API then use https, it is over tls 1.2 by default with AWS
If you are doing something else like raw messaging, then ensure you use TLS 1.2 or SSL

Hope this helps. Do share more info on how you are getting the incoming messages if the above answer doesn't help you

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How are you checking incoming messages on AWS?

Thanks for the response! Let me clarify, I'm specifically wondering about TLS between an email client and AWS SES, where SES is receiving the email.

What versions of TLS will AWS SES be able to negotiate with the email client?

How the email message is retrieved from SES after the fact doesn't matter for the scope of this question.

Thanks in advance!

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Does this help?

Also, from the other docs at Amazon, they support SSL and TLS 1.2 for all communications with SES

answered 3 years ago

Hi @Ben789,

When you select the TLS checkbox in a receipt rule, SES accepts TLS 1.2, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.0.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.


answered 3 years ago

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