Is it possible to have a Redshift Spectrum schema access multiple accounts data ?


CREATE EXTERNAL SCHEMA on redshift requires an IAM_ROLE or equivalent. I'm wondering if its possible to create this in such a way as to give redshift spectrum the ability to read data across multiple accounts ? Getting access to local S3 data is easy enough, getting access to one 'external' accounts S3 data is easy enough - its combining the two (or more) thats proving hard. Its beyond my capabilities with IAM.

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The Dev Guide has a section on IAM Policies for Amazon Redshift Spectrum which can help you step through the various roles, as well as cross-account permissions, and a specific call out for chaining roles, if required.

Without looking at what you've done already, it is difficult to troubleshoot via re:Post... if you have an account team, I'd recommend chatting with the Solution Architect as a potential next step as they may be able to troubleshoot in conjunction with you.

answered 2 years ago

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