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Hello Team,

I hope that with the following explanation, it is clearer what we are looking for.

Currently, we have 3 EC2 instances with Linux – Ubuntu OS; which have the SAP Data Provider client installed and running within the instances, with the two endpoints (Monitoring - CloudWatch, VPC - Amazon EC2) that SPD uses.

We understand that the variables that must be considered when making the calculations are: Number of CloudWatch metrics, Number of instances that have the SDP installed, Number of volumes attached to the instance, capacity of the volumes and DataTransfer for data collection.

How could I calculate what's the monthly cost of SPD consumption would be for these 3 instances, considereing their volumes and features?

It would be $14.00 + $0.01 per processed GB of data? How to calculate the GB of processed data? How do I get that value?

On the other hand, we find the following,

You should expect around 70,000 API calls a day per instance (with 6 disks attached. At $0.01 per 1,000 calls, it is approximately $21.00 per month. The API call number increases or decreases based on the number of disks that are attached

The previous calculation is an example of an instance with 6 disks. What happens if I have 3 instances with more or less than 6 disks?

We've done some calculations based on public documentation, but the results we've gotten don't come close to the cloudwatch billing amounts this customer receives per month.

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Hello Antonio,

This has been discussed below which includes estimate.

Also can you please confirm if you are running SAP on ubuntu os as it is not one of the certified OS for SAP.

Best Regards Deep

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  • Also check the link

    The number of metrics is dependent on how many volumes attached to the instance. Number of metrics will be 3 + (8*(EBS Volume Count)). So in your example with a single volume this will be 11 detailed metrics (3+ (8*1)). These metrics (11) will be called once a minute by the Data Provider or approximately 475,200 times per month (11 * 60minutes * 24hours * 30days). For your example the approximate cost is $8 per month. See this estimate here: You cannot configure the # of detailed metrics used by the SAP Data Provider as these are required by SAP support and are fixed. If you are concerned about this cost, you can consider turning off CloudWatch detailed monitoring with the caveats on lack of SAP support explained above.


Hi Deep,

Yes, that's correct, the OS Instances where SDP runs are Ubuntu 23.04

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