DNS A, CNAME records and ELB



i have some websites hosted behind ELB on autoscaling group. On my externals domain registrar (it can be namebay, ovh, whatever...) :

  • i set CNAME www (www.domain.tld) to ELB name
  • i set A (domain.tld) to my proxy server EC2+ip static then iptables redirects to my ELB.
  • SSL certificates are distributed by EC2 instance autoscaling group behing ELB

everything works nearly perfectly but i find it very complicated to manage and i'd like a way to remove my proxy instance to manage everything on domain registrar

is there a better way to proceed ?

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Hello There,

Yes! ideally managing at the domain register would be the perfect solution, unless you're not adding any custom settings on the proxy other than redirect

Based on the second point I noted that the domain is pointing to the Proxy server and The same will redirect to the ELB. To leverage this, you can make use of Alias record and directly point to the ELB.


By doing this, you will be managing all at one end and looks clean.

Regards, CK

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answered 2 years ago

i cant use the cname alias option on others domain registrar than AWS

answered 2 years ago

Hello rePost-User-6394976,

Since you referenced ELB without saying if it had a static IP address, I will assume you are using an ALB. One work around to get rid of your proxy instance is to use a NLB in front of your ALB. This allows you to assign a static IP address (EIP) to the NLB with targets to your ALB. You can then create A records pointing to the IP of the NLB and no longer need the proxy instance. See this document for further information. I hope this helps!


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answered 2 years ago

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