Amplify.Storage.getUrl Security Token expiry date


Is there any expiry date of the security token present in the URL which I got through:

    result -> Log.i("MyAmplifyApp", "Successfully generated: " + result.getUrl()),
    error -> Log.e("MyAmplifyApp", "URL generation failure", error)

I'm asking this because I want to hardcode the URL in my post model of graphql schema

Second question: is it good to hardcode the URL? I'm worried because recently the s3 object URL format got deprecated.

Update (September 23, 2020) – Over the last year, we’ve heard feedback from many customers who have asked us to extend the deprecation date. Based on this feedback we have decided to delay the deprecation of path-style URLs to ensure that customers have the time that they need to transition to virtual hosted-style URLs.

Like this one day, virtual hosted-style URLs might be deprecated

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Hi there, You can use expires option in the Storage.get[1] call but the maximum time is seven days[2]. So you might not want to persist that. Typically we recommend to generate the presigned URLs only when you want to download the object.

answered 2 months ago
  • Then how to access urls? should I make my bucket completely public?

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