seeking Advice on AWS Service for Identity Photo Compliance Check


Hi team,

I am currently working on developing an AWS application aimed at checking the compliance of identity photos with our organization's rules. This application will be utilized for various purposes such as passport or driver's license applications.

I am seeking your expertise on determining the best AWS service to help us identify whether the user's identity photo complies with the required standards. Specifically, I am considering between Amazon SageMaker and AWS Rekognition for this task.

If you have any insights or recommendations on which service would be most suitable for our requirements, or if there are other services that you believe may better fit our needs, I would greatly appreciate your advice.

is it better to use Sagemaker OR AWS rekognition , .. in this case?

  • Verify the photo size meets international standards for passport or ID photos.
  • Detect if the face is smiling or has a neutral expression as required.
  • Check that both eyes are open and visible.
  • See if any part of the ears are obscured by hair.
  • Identify if the person is wearing any hats, headgear or glasses which may not be allowed.

Attributes like smile, eyes open, head angle etc can indicate if the facial expression meets requirements. A neutral expression without smiling is required for many IDs.

The presence of accessories like hats, glasses can be identified. Many applications do not allow accessories to be worn.

The visibility of features like eyes, ears can be validated. The landmarks should not indicate any occlusion.

Thank you for your assistance and input.

Best regards,

1 Answer

Have you checked Amazon Rekognition Image? It sounds like most of your use cases mentioned are covered by Rekognition Image.

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answered 2 months ago
  • thank you!! so you mean i send the photo the amazon rekognition and I analyse back the attributes like sunglasses : true/false, smile : true/false, MouthOpen : true/false,.... it seems it doesn’t cover all requirements like is the ears hidden or not, has a cover hair or not....

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