Does Graviton EC2 with RHEL9 OS compatible for Adobe Cold Fusion 2023 application?


Hello All, I need a suggestion and recommendation from the forum. Currently the Adobe CF2021 is running on onprem VMware virtual servers w/ RHEL7.

As we plan to move this to AWS, I am planning for using Graviton EC2s (w/ RHEL9) vs X86 Arch. Because the CF2023 is supported only on RHEL9 and planning to leverage Graviton EC2.

I have some concern if any compatibility issue for this application with ARM architecture.

Appreciate if someone could share some insights into this scenario. And any recommended instance types as well.


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CF systems requirements are listed at

While it does not mention Graviton processor architecture support, the list did indicate that Mac ARM64 is supported.

answered 5 months ago
  • Thanks, Mike, for sharing the sheet. We did receive these prereqs from Adobe. But there is no clear documentation on if it is compatible for EC2 graviton.

    We have around 10 such instances to be built on AWS and wouldn't want to experience performance issues w/ Graviton. As the onprem arch was running on x86 hosts.

    Any recommendations about chosing Graviton vs X86 would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  • Since ColdFusion is from Adobe, why not contact your ColdFusion reseller or Adobe directly for confirmation of Graviton support? You may also verify if Adobe allows transfer of ColdFusion license between x86 and arm processor platforms. If yes, perhaps do your own internal testing on both platforms? And decide which is the better solution?

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