Connection Timeout Error while connection EC2 with Putty


getting connection time out error ,while connecting EC2 using Putty. already edit Inbound rule under security group as SSH Port 22 source as anywhere , still same error occurs. please guide , as I am new to AWS portal

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Did you add your ppk key to Putty? You need to convert .pem key from AWS to .ppk file.

You can refer to this

answered 2 years ago

A timeout indicates that the EC2 instance isn't reachable. If the key was incorrect you'd see an error messaging indicating that.

Things I would try:

  • See if you can SSH to other destinations; if your service provider may be blocking outbound SSH connections from your network.
  • Use the EC2 Serial Console to check that the instance is running the SSH daemon.
  • See if you can SSH from the instance to itself.
  • Set up another EC2 instance in the same VPC. Use the Serial Console again to see if you can SSH within the VPC.
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answered 2 years ago

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