API or Data File for all AWS Services Monthly Uptime and SLA hyperlink for reliability pillar and compliance


Hi All, When working with a diverse set of applications, hoping to accomplish the following:

  • Pull an inventory of all AWS Services used for each given application (AWS Account)
  • Using the AWS Services inventory for that application, pull the per-service SLA (monthly) uptime and the SLA hyperlink for that service

Question: Is there an API or a data file that contains all the AWS Services with monthly uptime and / or each of the (direct) SLA hyperlinks for those services? This is for both AWS architects reviewing the Reliability pillar as well as company compliance requirements.

Update based on followup question - Example:

(or service names like AWS::DynamoDB::Table depending on which tooling best integrates with it )


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There is no API for this information.

You should be measuring the availability of your use of the services that have SLAs and use that data to make claims. Be sure to read and understand the exemptions and to act upon all notices sent to your account(s) owner(s). To receive a Service Credit, you must submit a claim by opening a case in the AWS Support Center.

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answered 2 years ago
  • Thanks Rodney, however the intent is not to make claims.

    The ask is to consolidate the expected uptime per-aws-service and a link to the SLA (with the details/exceptions) for Architecture review during Reliability Pillar lens views, as well as to provide a concise document to corporate compliance teams. The information is spread all over the place requiring MANUAL collection of the monthly uptime expectations and the SLA link per-service.

    example: AWS Service | Monthly uptime | SLA Link Route 53 | 100% | https://aws.amazon.com/route53/sla/ DynamoDB | 99.99% | https://aws.amazon.com/dynamodb/sla/ ...20+ more lines of aws services depending on the application.

    Want to minimize manual collection and be able to pull for automated generation for corporate compliance reporting needs and to prepare for AWS Well Architected Framework: Reliability Pillar reviews.

  • Unfortunately, there is not an SLA on all services, nor a documented goal and no API other than CURL and parsing of the SLA page for those that do have SLAs and the appendix page of the Reliability Pillar for goals.

    You can query the AWS Health API for your resource's health. If this is a new implementation, there may not be data since you have not used the services yet.

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