Programmatically using CreateStreamingURL and persistent storage


I'm investigating a similar approach to this question on using a custom IdP / authentication process. One thing that isn't clear from the docs is whether the CreateStreamingURL flag for the UserID also propagates through to the persistent storage via S3.

The workflow that I would like is:

  1. User logs into my application, and permissions are checked. All authn/authz logic contained here.
  2. Application uses an AWS service account to call CreateStreamingURL, with e.g. and .
  3. Application gives user1 -> url1 and user2 -> url2, such that these sessions are isolated.
  4. Next day, user1 logs in again and gets url1_new, and should be able to see whatever settings / persistence as per the previous session.

Is my understanding of the UserID parameter correct?

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Yes. If the username is the same, the user will get the same home folder and application settings persistence.

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answered 2 years ago

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