Http Api 403 error from gateway troubleshooting


I am trying to invoke a HTTP API gateway endpoint and I am getting the below error message with status code of 403.

I am using Authorization token generated using accekey, secretkey. I signed the API request using aws sig4. Is there any way to more logs on further troubleshooting the issue


Using same Accesskey/Secret I was able to make a postman call but not able to make a request from jmeter

  • Are you certain jmeter isn't adding additional HTTP Headers that aren't included when generating the signature? I believe all or most of the HTTP Headers need to be factored into the signature.

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Some quick checks you can verify

  • Check for any missing values for your User Defined Variables like AWS access key, secret key, host, service name and region as applicable
  • Check for proper header names with values
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answered a year ago

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