AWS Route53 DNS - domain records not propagating out to other dns servers on internet


I transferred a domain I own that was hosted from namecheap to AWS route53 a few weeks ago. Just noticed that some things broke with the process, but even creating a new A record, this does not propagate beyond aws DNS servers. I tried deleting the zone waiting a day, and then recreating it. I can query the AWS DNS name servers and retrieve records, but any other dns server on the internet does not have them, not even the SOA record.

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Checking. Did you login to your namecheap to update the name servers to R53? See How to Change DNS For a Domain. Select Custom DNS and add the R53 name servers.

After that, you can use dig or nslookup to verify, e.g.

%% nslookup
> server
> set type=NS

Non-authoritative answer:     nameserver =     nameserver =     nameserver =     nameserver =
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  • My DNS Domain had already been transferred to AWS Route53, what I realized when in route53->Domains->Registered domain: registered domain, clicked on my domain. In this record under Name servers is where I saw that it was pointing to the old Name Servers, I updated this record to use the aws name servers and then it worked.


when you transfer a domain below steps need to follow. make sure you follow all the step because If you skip a step, your domain might become unavailable on the internet.

once you complete the steps make sure to check the status of transfer request.

for troubleshoot you can check above post and verify the setting.

answered 6 months ago

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