How we can handle the blackout in the medialive?


I am using the open HLS and using it on the medialive and facing frames are getting dr.pped after processing through Medialive and I am using the mode as VOD. The frames are not dropping on the input HLS we are using and at the same time we are getting dropped frames from ML>

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If you are experiencing dropped frames after processing through MediaLive when using HLS in VOD mode, there could be a few potential reasons for this issue. Here are some steps to help you troubleshoot and possibly resolve the issue:

Check MediaLive Settings:
    Ensure that your AWS Elemental MediaLive settings, including the output settings, are configured correctly.
    Verify that the output frame rate, resolution, and other settings match your source content and desired output.

Review Input HLS Settings:
    Confirm that your input HLS stream has consistent and expected settings.
    Check for any issues with the input HLS stream, such as intermittent bitrate changes or disruptions.

Inspect Log and Metrics:
    Explore MediaLive logs and metrics to identify any error messages or warnings related to dropped frames.
    AWS CloudWatch can be used to monitor metrics related to MediaLive. Look for indicators of dropped frames or issues in the metrics.

Consider Output Bitrate:
    If the output bitrate is too high for the destination or network conditions, it may result in dropped frames.
    Adjust the output bitrate based on the capabilities of the downstream components and network conditions.

Check Resource Utilization:
    Evaluate the resource utilization of the MediaLive instance. If it is hitting resource limits, it may struggle to process frames efficiently.
    Consider using an instance type with higher resources if needed.

Review MediaLive Event Logs:
    MediaLive provides event logs that can offer insights into the processing workflow. Check for any specific events or errors related to frame drops.

Update MediaLive Version:
    Ensure that you are using the latest version of AWS Elemental MediaLive. There might be bug fixes or improvements in newer versions that address issues related to                      frame dropping.
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Consider updating the channel's Input Loss behavior per preference: --- this feature keeps the Channel output stable (and not black) in the event of unexpected input loss. ---- repeat last known good frame (video freeze) OR drop to a cstomer-furnished slate image, OR black fill/ color fill ---- located in /General Settings/ Global Configuration/Input Loss Behavior

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