Is it possible to insert an image as a background with AWS media convert


I have a PNG image that is 1920x1080 and an mp4 file that is 1280x720. Is it possible to insert the image behind the video so that it acts as a border around the video?

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AWS MediaConvert does offer the ability for image insertion, both as a static image or as a motion image. You can find details about the image insertion ability here

There is also the choice of input overlay vs output overlay.

As to using a larger image to insert around a smaller source, that may be challenging. Input sources will be scaled up or down to the output resolutions. Adding a 1920x1080 image edge overlay to a 1280x720 source, with an output of 1920x1080, would have that edge image covering the scaled up borders of 1280x720 source.

answered a year ago

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