Prescriptive guidance on how to setup an enterprise AWS environment


Does AWS provide prescriptive guidance on how to setup, operate, and manage cost in an enterprise environment? I'm looking for how-to's, workshops, and/or specific documentation, and best practices.

There is a ton of content that AWS provides, however, there doesn't seem to be one comprehensive place on the site that provide the type of prescriptive guidance I'm looking for.

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You are in luck. Recently (Sept 2022) the AWS Cloud Foundation Team has started building this out.



Solutions for deployment are few, but they will be providing more and more as the team builds out solutions. The Foundation documentation is very basic but it helps build just that.

Here is the teams re:Invent Session from last week:

As well as best practices for Organizing on AWS:

I have been building enterprise scale AWS Organizations for quite some time both at Federal and Private Sector level. This is by far the best resource to get started with. If you have any additional questions or would like to discuss some of your considerations please reach out:

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answered a year ago

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