My current architecture: route53 -> cloudfront -> s3,ec2

The s3 is serving the static web hosting, react website while the ec2 is serving the api.

I bought my domain name on goDaddy, and got the ACM to issue the cert with the domain name. The cloudfront is configured with the SSL certificate, while the ec2 and s3 behind the cloudfront are communicating via HTTP. Now when I'm accessing to my website, it throws the not secure https, and NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID. The route53 has two A records for my domain like and The cloudfront got the alternative domain name set to my domain name. I have used this ssl test to test out my website where its doing pretty good so it might not be problem for the SSL. Enter image description here

The certificate issued by ACM is not expired yet, got 2 more years to go. What could be the problem for this? Is the communication between cloudfront and s3 via HTTP causing the issue? Any help is appreciated.

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Make sure the date and time is correct on your PC. If SSL labs is reporting it as Ok then it sounds like a PC issue. Make sure you have no host file entries pointing to directly to your EC2.

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answered 2 months ago

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