SAP on Windows in HA using Amazon FSx for Windows File Server - CNAME for SAPGlobalHost share


I'm trying to use Amazon FSx for SAP on Windows High Availability environment, but run into an issue where I can’t assign a CNAME to Amazon FSx Multi-AZ file system deployment. (CNAME works fine in Single-AZ file system deployment)

I also can’t use the native AWS naming of the Amazon FSx file system ID as this is more than 13 chars, which is not supported by SAP.

Are you able to provide some guidance around how we set up the SAP Central Services to use Amazon FSx Multi-AZ file system for our SAPGlobalHost share ?

(Have seen some documents that loosely implies you need to setup DFS replication between 2 Single-AZ file system deployments, is this correct as it seems very clunky and not a straight forward solution?)

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DNS aliases which can used for SAP HA are now available on Amazon FSx for Windows File Server:

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