EC2 available in Phoenix Local Zone?


Per this page, several EC2 family types are available in the Phoenix us-west-2-phx-2a local zone:

However, after creating a Subnet at the us-west-2-phx-2a local zone and specifying any t3 instance type I receive the 'The requested configuration is currently not supported. Please check the documentation for supported configurations' error as described here:

The pricing page shows that EC2 is available in Phoenix, but with a different area code of us-west-2-phx-1:

And furthermore, the below AWS CLI command reveals no EC2 instances are available:

aws ec2 describe-instance-type-offerings --region us-west-2 --filters Name=location,Values=us-west-2-phx-2a


"InstanceTypeOfferings": []


So is EC2 available in Phoenix or not?? Different pages within AWS seem to contradict, does anyone know how I can setup an EC2 instance in this local zone?

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Indeed, we have confirmed that there are no hits when searching for available instance types from the management console.

Since us-west-2-phx-2a is a new local zone, maybe it has not been addressed in time.

I suggest you contact AWS support by opening a case with "Account and billing".

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answered 9 months ago

Agree with Riku's answer above. Giving phx-2a is fairly new, it's possible there is currently limited capacity. Please continue to check as capacity can change dynamically. Also per, as Availability Zones grow over time, our ability to expand them can become constrained. If this happens, we might restrict you from launching an instance in a constrained Availability Zone unless you already have an instance in that Availability Zone. Eventually, we might also remove the constrained Availability Zone from the list of Availability Zones for new accounts. Therefore, your account might have a different number of available Availability Zones in a Region than another account.

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answered 9 months ago

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